Water Proofing Production Process

Water Proofing :
It is a product contains organic fiber and mineral fiber that saturated with bitumen.

The Materials:

  1. Industrial bitumen
  2. Polymer materials (APP)
  3. A layer of pull cord tissue (according to 3891 standard)
  4. A layer of needle polyester (according to 3880 standard)
  5. Talk powder
  6. Polyethylene film
  7. Straw (according to 3871 standard)
  8. Label and glue

Production Process:

Tissue and polyester depend on product type (single layer or two layers) be entered in pitch container. Then edited by melt pitch and satiated by plastic polymer materials. Also layer thickness sets by roller above the pitch container. Then aluminum sheet attached to recent layer and entered to water container. When the layer is passing among water and rollers will be cooled. Next the polyethylene film added to layer and finally finished product rolled out (every roll is about 10 meters).