The quality is ability of a product to satisfy consumer expectations.

Quality Control Unit (QCU) of Paeizan Company has been established at the beginning of start of company. The company has attempted to fulfill customer wants and to adapt products to standard through focus on quality defining and employing expertise personnel and helpful equipment. So, it has prevented from suddenly and abnormal changes in product quality through sampling and continues testing material and finished goods. It also has prevented from produce faulty goods to decrease heavy costs and customer dissatisfaction.

The company activities have been planned as below:

  1. Quality control of materials: Input material has been sampled and after quality control test and receiving necessary certificates of laboratory transferred to production hall.
  2. Quality control during production: Experts of quality control has been guaranteed useful product quality through inspection during production process.
  3. Quality control of finished goods: The finished goods have been sampled to test on laboratory and to approve product finally.