Paeizan water proofing company founded at 2009-08-05 aimed to produce water proofing is termed isogum. The company received it’s legal agreement at 2009-10-03 in Delijan county. Trial production started after providing land, equipments and buildings at 2009-11-27.

We believe that security and welfare are the right of all human beings. So, we are attempting to satisfy all of customer needs and wants through employing the best experts and human resource and use the best materials and equipments of production and packaging our attempt is production of the best quality and prices items for all customers.

The basic strategy of Paeizan Company is customer orientation. So, we believe the customers are our partners and we are being loyal to them. It is important for us to protect environment, to raise production, to grow internal market and export and to respect to customers and employees. The most important goal is satisfying shareholders and stakeholders.